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Technical assistance for open sky service: Specialized technicians in charge of designing, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the process of drilling, blasting and fragmentation.

The principal offered labors by our technical assistance team are:
  • Drilling parameters design.
  • Monitoring of blasting velocity (VOD) of explosives and gases originated from the blasting.
  • Analysis of the fractured material from the blasting piles.
  • Monitoring and molding of far and near camps vibrations.
  • Establish damage criteria for different infrastructures.
  • Design service, programming, connections and electronic blasting executions. Digishot Plus System.
  • Final wall controls.
  • The rock’s wave P determination (the wave’s transmission velocity).
  • Blasting gases monitoring through drones.
  • Blasting filming with a high velocity camara.
  • Delay dispersions analysis.