The best services technicians and specialists that guarantee the continuity of your operations.

This service is a fundamental piece of our value offer, because our principal challenge is cost reduction for our clients. In EXSA we focus on orientating and guiding you to correctly select explosives and blasting accessories and also on their appropriate use and manipulation.

Service whose principal challenge is cost reduction for our clients. It is formed by specialized technicians in charge of:
  • Diagnosis and recommendation of explosive and optimal accessories for a correct blasting.
  • Parameter design of the drilling.
  • Specific training in all levels.
  • Fragmentation analysis of the fractured material.
  • Establish damage criteria in the different structures to control tunnel’s roof and walls.
  • Monitoring and modeling of the vibrations in far and near camps.
  • Monitoring the detonators velocity (VOD) of the explosives and gases originated from the blasing.