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Service designed that assures our client’s needs for open sky operations. Transferring the responsibility of their demolition process to us. (Transport, loading, handling of explosives, in addition to a special technical support).

This service consists of:
  • Transport of explosives and blasting accessories from powder kegs to operations and vice versa.
  • Sourcing and mixer truck calibration.
  • Stacked, ensures the drill’s correct depth.
  • Distribute the blasting accessories, primate and load the drill/ drills with the appropriate mix, according to the rock’s characteristics.
  • Covering, tie up and connexion of the drill.
  • Revision and lock the areas of influence for blasts.
  • Blast execution.
  • Specialized technical support.
  • Equipment like mixer trucks, tow trucks, forklift trucks, mobile silos, dumper trucks, skid steers, etc.