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Slurrex BS

producto exsa

EPumpable matrix emulsion for tunneling, ideal to reduce handling and operation risks because the explosive is formed upon being injected into the boreholes. This allows for reduced loading times and thus faster completion of the work. Its high energy power makes it ideal for small diameter holes (2 inches).

  • High versatility, can be used in rocks of varying toughness.
  • Its density can be regulated according to the project’s needs.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • When sensitized within its detonability limit, it gives off enough energy to beat the rock mass’ resistance.
Technical Specifications Units Slurrex BS
Matrix relative density g/cm3 1.38 ± 3%
Sensitized matrix density g/cm3 0.80 – 1.20
Detonation velocity* m/s 3,800 – 5,300
Energy** KJ/kg 2,760
RWS*** % 102
RBS*** % 102 - 153
Detonation pressure Kbar 31 - 110
Volume of gases** l/Kg 1,050
Water resistance Excellent

*Confined in 2 "steel tube as a gassed emulsion.

** Calculated with a TERMODET simulation program at ideal conditions at 1 atm.

*** Effective relative power calculated at 100 MPa, Anfo with density 0.8 g / cm3 and effective energy of 2362 KJ/Kg.

  • Matrix emulsion distributed in tank trucks or tankers especially fitted for ground transportation of 24 – 30 tons. Stored in 30 – 90 ton silos.
  • For further details about product presentations, please contact an EXSA representative.

Exclusion of Liability

These explosives have been inspected and are in good condition before packaging and/or delivery. They must be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, handled and transported in accordance with the current legislation. Therefore, since their delivery to the buyers, the manufacturer is not liable for its safety or for the achievement of the desired results, be they explicit or implicit. The entire risk and responsibility, whatever their nature, from accidents, losses, damage to property or persons (including death), whether direct, indirect, special and / or consequential or of any other type derived from the use of these explosives is the buyers from the delivery thereof.

Storage and warranty

Kept in its original packaging and stored under normal temperature and moisture conditions, in accordance with applicable laws and provisions, the product is warranted for 3 months from the manufacturing date.


CLASS: 5.1
UN 3375