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Quantex® 73

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Is the explosive mixture composed of a 70% gasifiable emulsion; Slurrex Q, enhanced with 30% Quantex ammonium nitrate, which is then added a gasifying solution that provides the required sensitivity and density desired according to the blasting design.

The explosive mixture QUANTEX® 73 is specially designed for hard rocks.

The main benefits of QUANTEX® 73 are:

  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Bulk explosive easy to operate in the field (pumped or emptied).
  • It adapts to different types of terrain due to its high density range.
  • It is friendly to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint by 18%, compared to conventional explosives (SGS).
  • Optimizes the blasting which maximizes the result in the rock fragmentation.
  • Its design allows quick identification of whether gasification was optimally achieved.
  • Optimizes storage spaces, the Slurrex Q (inert) does not require safety distances according to current legislation.
Technical specifications Units QUANTEX® 73
Density gr/cm3 1.13 +/- 5%
Critical diameter in 4.5
Detonation Speed (VOD) * m/s 4,000 – 6,000
Recommended initiator --- Pentolite Booster B-450g
Emission of CO2 kg CO2/ton. Quantex® 0.174
Time spent in pits without property loss days 15
Gasification times min 15 – 20
Detonation pressure kbar 24.0 - 107.0
Absolute energy by weight (AWS) ** kJ/kg 3,036
Absolute Energy in Volume (ABS) ** J/cm3 3,214 – 3,575
Effective relative weight power (RWS) *** % 113
Effective relative power in volume (RBS) *** % 170
Types of drilling holes / water

* VOD without confining in diameter of 6 ".

** Characteristics calculated using Software TERMODET at ideal conditions of 1 atm.

*** Effective relative power characteristic calculated with Software TERMODET at ideal conditions of 100 MPa, with an ANFO density of 0.8 g / cm3 and an effective Anfo energy of 2362 KJ / Kg

Exclusion of Liability

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CLASS: 1.5 D
UN 0332

Patent Technology Quantex U.S. Patent Nos. 9,115,036 & 9,174,887