producto exsa


producto exsa

Low density and power dynamite, especially designed to reduce damages to the surrounding rock massif and vibration levels, resulting in a remarkable reduction in overdilution and sustenance overcosts in soft rock contour blasting.

Applicable for soft rock blasting.

Recommended in ceilings and side walls.

To initiate, use a N°8 detonator at least.

Do not open or roll the cartridges.

For safety handling and storage considerations, see EXSA safety sheet.

  • Less damage to the surfaces of the final wall and with less incidence of over-excavation.
  • Less weakening and cracking in the shotcrete due to the incidence of vibrations.
  • Increase in self-support time.
  • Less operation for the unleashing of rocks.
  • Reduction of potential due to detachment and / or collapse
  • Savings in time and costs.
  • Sensitive to detonator No. 8 and low weight cord.
  • Long useful life.
Technical Specifications Units Exsablock
Density g/cm3 0.91 +/- 5%
Detonation speed* m/s 2,800 +/- 200
Detonation pressure** Kbar 23
Energy** Kj/kg 1720
RWS** % 45
RBS** % 54
Volume of gases ** l/kg 771
Water resistance Hours Null
Smoke category Category 1

* Without confining in a 30 mm diameter tinplate tube.

** Calculated with a TERMODET simulation program at ideal conditions of 1 atm.

Cartridges of paraffined kraft paper, arranged in plastic bags and packed in corrugated cardboard boxes.

Net Weight 20 kg
Gross Weight 21.3 kg
Dimensions of box Ext. 35 x 45 x 28 cm
Material Corrugated cardboard box
Product Pulg UN/Caja Masa g/UN
EXSABLOCK 7/8        7 276 91
EXSABLOCK 1 1/8    8 160 156

For other cartridge formats ask an EXSA specialist.

Exclusion of Liability

These explosives have been inspected and found in good condition before being packed and / or delivered. They must be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, as well as handled and transported in accordance with the legal provisions in force. Therefore, from its delivery to buyers, the manufacturer will not be responsible for their safety or for obtaining the results that are sought, whether they are express or implicit. The entire risk and liability, whatever its nature, for accidents, losses, damage to property or persons (including death), whether these are direct, indirect, special and / or consequential or any other type derived from the use of these explosives, is the buyers from the delivery of them.


UN number: 0081