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producto exsa


producto exsa

Bidirectional non-electric delay connector designed to be used with detonating cord in superficial blasting. It consists of 2 plastic connectors assembled at the ends of a segment of shock tube that has a built-in detonator with certain delay times.

  • The built-in delay detonator carries a sufficient explosive charge to initiate detonating cords of varying grammage preferably from 3.6 to 5 g/m.
  • Its use is conditioned to the plan of delay in the design of the blasting mesh:
    • Delay between drills.
    • Delay between rows.
    • Delay combining drills and rows.
  • The delay time works in both directions, to provide safety in the ignition of all blasting drills.
Technical Specifications Units Minimum Nominal
Detonator power Force No. 10 10
Aesop mm 9  
Impact resistance 2 kg a 1 m It does not detonate It does not detonate
Resistance to the breakdown of the tube and detonator, test (Pull test) Kg-f 9 12
Shock wave velocity mm 1,900 2,000
Tensile strength of the shock tube Newton 200 220
Elongation % 150 240
Water resistance % 100 100
Net Weight 7.31 kg
Gross Weight 9.81 kg
Box Dimensions Ext. 34,7 x 53,9 x 31,3 cm
Presentation 150 piece/box
Connector color Yellow Red Orange Blue White Violet
Milliseconds 17 25 42 75 100 200

Exclusion of Liability

These explosives have been inspected and found in good condition before being packed and/or delivered. They must be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, as well as handled and transported in accordance with the legal provisions in force. Therefore, from its delivery to buyers, the manufacturer will not be responsible for their safety or for obtaining the results that are sought, whether they are express or implicit. The entire risk and liability, whatever its nature, for accidents, losses, damage to property or persons (including death), whether these are direct, indirect, special and / or consequential or any other type derived from the use of these explosives, is of the buyers from the delivery of them.

Storage and warranty

Preserved in its original packaging and stored in conditions of normal temperature and humidity, in accordance with the regulations in force, the product is guaranteed for 24 months, after its date of manufacture.


CLASS: 1.1 B
UN: 0360