Es un conglomerado empresarial originado en el Perú que cuenta con más de 130 años de existencia y que tiene operaciones en Perú y otros países de Latinoamérica.

Sus fundadores, don Fortunato Brescia y su esposa, doña María Catalina Cafferata, formaron una familia que destaca por su vocación por el trabajo, la integridad, el ahorro y el cariño por el Perú. Es así como los apellidos Brescia y Cafferata dan origen a la marca Breca, que recoge el orgullo y el recuerdo de sus fundadores.

El Grupo Breca tiene como propósito “crear oportunidades que trascienden”. Este propósito se materializa a través de operaciones que buscan, no solo el retorno de la inversión sino la generación de impacto positivo; potenciando el progreso, protegiendo el entorno y construyendo el futuro.


We are the leading Peruvian company in the supply of exact solutions in rock fragmentation for the mining and infrastructure industries.

In EXSA we are oriented to know and understand more about the business of our clients, becoming their best ally.

We see your business in an integral way

We are focused on capturing efficiencies in both the operative - productive chain and in contractual management, acting with the integrity that characterizes us before societies, governments and other interest groups.


To provide solutions in rock fragmentation that contribute to the sustainable development of our clients, collaborators, shareholders and society.


To be global leaders in rock fragmentation solutions.


EXSA S.A. promotes the following values as central axes for the good activity of the company and the personnel development, generating quality and added value to the products and services that our customers receive:

"Your security, it’s my security"

We comply with the most stringent safety standards established at the international level, always promoting a culture of respect for the physical and mental integrity of our employees. Safety is the set of techniques and procedures that aim to minimize the risk of workplace accidents. For EXSA S.A., safety is based on the anticipation and constant assessment of risks, as well as on the analysis of the potential consequences of an event beyond compliance with the standards.

"We put our clients at the center of everything we do"

We integrate efforts and do what is necessary, to create the best solution to the needs of our customers. We are responsible for ensuring your satisfaction and we comply with what we promise.

"Act in an honest, supportive and transparent manner"

We believe in ethical values, respect towards people and institutions and acting with congruence between saying and doing. In EXSA S.A. we defend and protect the rights of our collaborators. In this sense, all the employees of EXSA S.A. they commit to act in a fair and responsible manner, respecting the truth principle in each situation.

"Make things always better and with innovation"

Excellence in EXSA S.A. it is always to exceed the expectations of our audiences, creating a sustained value for our clients, achieving results that fully satisfy all our stakeholders and maximizing the contribution of employees through their development and commitment. Therefore, our commitment is to continuously improve and strive to understand, anticipate and respond quickly to the concerns of companies, organizations or all people with whom we interact.

"Take challenges as their own"

We believe that commitment is the key to our achievements and that is why we make sure that our collaborators act with passion for what they do. The commitment of EXSA S.A. with its collaborators is to fulfill all personal, professional and organizational obligations, and promote their development in these areas. We care about the care of the environment and for the communities that surround us, and we look every day to improve the welfare of our environment.

"I trust you and you can trust me"

We foster an atmosphere of trust and open and transparent communication in all our surroundings and with our clients.

60 years of history

  1. 1954

    EXSA S.A. is constituted with the name of Explosivos S.A. and in 1956 operations started in Lurín, using the most demanding levels of security and technology.

  2. 1960

    The Peruvian Electrodes Company Oerlikon S.A. its founded for the production of electrodes and other consumables for welding in general, we had the most modern technology in machinery and equipment for the manufacture of welding electrodes.

  3. 1964

    EXSA implements modern technology in machinery and equipment for the electrodes manufacture for welding as the first Oerlikon press extrusion EP-10, manufactured by Oerlikon Welding Ltd. of Switzerland.

  4. 1971

    The Peruvian Electrodes Company Oerlikon S.A. it is absorbed by Explosivos S.A. by means of fusion and the Welding Division of Explosives S.A. its created.

  5. 1977

    The flux plant for submerged arc welding is installed.

  6. 1992

    Se inicia operaciones en la planta de Emulsiones explosivas en Lurín.

  7. 1995

    The remodeling of the welding plant conducts; and Explosivos S.A. change its company name to EXSA S.A.

  8. 1996

    The merger with Fontargen Latinoamericana S.A. is make, main manufacturer of special welds in Peru, and its other subsidiaries EXSA Comercial S.A. and Technical Services EXSA S.A.

  9. 1997

    The self-sufficiency of nitric acid is consolidated with the start of operations of a plant in Lurín. The 2nd explosive emulsions plant begins its operations located in Sama - Las Yaras, Tacna, near the southern border of Peru.

  10. 2000

    The EXSA Blasting Technology Center (CTVE) is formed to train the consumers of their explosives and blasting accessories in the proper and secure handling.The export of dynamites to the North American market begins.

  11. 2003

    EXSA obtains the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate for its Quality Management System for the Explosives and Welding divisions.

  12. 2004

    EXSA obtains the ISO 14001 certificate for its Environmental Management System.

  13. 2006

    EXSA gana Premio a la Innovación Tecnológica en el Sector Minero-Energético 2016

  14. 2007

    It divides its Welding Division and merges it with its subsidiary Valores Lurín S.A.C. converting it into Soldexa. It joins the founding companies group of the Association of Good Employers (ABE). Obtains the OHSAS 18001 certification for its Occupational Health and Safety System.

  15. 2010

    EXSA is present in Panama.

  16. 2013

    Since February 2013, EXSA is present in Colombia.

  17. 2015

    Se desarrolla la Tecnologia Quantex®, revolucionando el mercado de explosivos.

  18. 2016

    Se gana Creatividad Empresarial 2016 con "Quantex - Tecnología peruana para el mundo" Organizado por la UPC.

  19. 2018

    Inicia operaciones la planta de Sistemas de iniciación más moderna de la región.

  20. 2019

    Se presenta Quantex® 2.0 y Quantex® Sub.

Matuk Chijner

General Manager

Daniel Santa María Stein

Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios Internacionales

Sánchez Medina

Director of Sustainability

Kohatsu Choy

Director of Human Management

Lay Lisung

Logistics, Projects and Fleet Director

Abram Pastor

Administration and Finance Director

Sánchez Valdez

Commercial and Marketing Director

Ruiz Valle

Director of operations




EXSA Peru (2014)
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    Underground mining

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    Calle Las Begonias 415, Piso 12, San Isidro, Cercado de Lima