We train and educate our personnel in compliance with the regulations and regulations for correct and safe handling of our products, as well as the selection criteria for explosives in order to carry out a Safe and Efficient blasting.

Maximize the benefit of our products by knowing all their features and benefits.

Who is it for?

  • People linked to the handling and application of explosives in mines and civil works.
  • Production Engineers, operation and safety supervisors, technicians and specialized operators.
  • Logistics staff, teachers and university students of the last cycles of Mining, Civil and Mining Management.
  • Personnel of Technical Institutes, Military and Police Institutes.

Benefits of the CTVE

  • Improve efficiency at the operational level.
  • Raise the security levels of mining companies and civil works.
  • Provide knowledge of the properties, advantages and limitations of the range of explosives and accessories used in rock blasting.
  • Based on the experience of our field engineers, practical cases of underground, surface and civil works blasting will be developed.